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  1. Shudhi Skin Clarifying Facial Spray
    Shudhi Skin Clarifying Facial Spray Purifying Anti-Acne Blend 130 ml
  2. Ojas Sheer Night Beauty Balm
    Ojas Sheer Night Beauty Balm Skin Quencher & Activator 15 g
  3. Ojas Sheer Night Beauty Balm
    Ojas Sheer Night Beauty Balm Skin Quencher & Activator 30 g
  4. Rasa First Activating Serum
    Rasa First Activating Serum Morning Hydration Surge 30 ml
  5. Night Cream Kumkumadi
    Night Cream Kumkumadi Designed for Younger Skin 30 g
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Ayurveda highlights that facial care beauty products made of living substances such as plants or its extracts are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. Plants include all forms of vegetation- trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

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These living substances contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to nurture the skin. The main principle of Ayurveda is that all ingredients are required to be pure, fresh, natural, organic and seasonal. Ayurveda does not advocate chemical fertilizers or ingredients grown out of season. This is what gives Ayurvedic ingredients their potent properties and allows us to create the best skin care products that are effective & efficacious.

At Forest Essentials, each product adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality. From raw and unprocessed Cane Sugar to our steam distilled pure Essential Oils, everything is made in the traditional, old-fashioned way, according to Ayurvedic tenets. We work with Vaids or Ayurvedic Doctors and modern biochemists to make the best face care products that are wonderfully scented, easy to use and extremely beneficial.

About Our Facial Care Products

In line with Ayurvedic principles, our facial skincare products are made by using traditional expertise with herbs that are handpicked only at a certain time of the day, when they are in their most potent state. Infused with flowers oils, herb-infused waters and organically grown fruits and vegetables, our natural skincare products leave the skin nourished, hydrated and glowing.

In ancient India, special Ayurvedic Tailams and Ghritas were used for facial beautification. Inspired by these luxurious rituals, our collection of authentic Ayurvedic skincare products seeks to promote healthy skin, by reviving Ayurvedic recipes and methodologies to create products that keep their traditional benefits intact. Our line of natural skincare products includes Ayurvedic face creams, face cleansers, revitalizing face masks, teenage facial creams and mild exfoliators.

Ayurvedic Facial Care Bestsellers

  • Facial Cleansers: These are natural face cleansers which gently cleanse and purify the skin without stripping its natural moisture since they are SLS/SLES free.
  • Ayurvedic Eternal Youth Formula Date and Litchi: This is a unique, ancient 17th-century formulation with Rasas or the pulp of Date & Litchi, which helps increase elasticity, firmness & reduce fine lines. Special mantras are chanted while the cream is being mixed by hand to induce positivity in the anti-aging cream that reverberates in this face care product.
  • Lip Balms: Made of Organic Beeswax, Raw Honey & Kokum Butter, these lip balms are 100% natural. They not only seal moisture in and rehabilitate chapped lips, but also give the lips a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Rasa Activating Serum: Achieve the skin’s perfect balance with the first drink of water for your skin. Forest Essentials Rasa Activating Serum optimizes the results of your entire skincare regimen for youthful, hydrated, glowing skin. Use our Tejal Balancing Water after applying the serum, for a silky finish.
  • Soundarya High Performance Cream With 24 Karat Gold & SPF 30: This exceptionally rich and light textured day cream uses the power of pure 24 Karat Gold Bhasma and potent infusions of Saffron, Ayurvedic herbs and cold pressed oils to replenish the skin for a youthful glow.

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