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Where nature is not seen as a force to be dominated, but rather one that shapes us

Our spiritual home and manufacturing base is located in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, part of one of Earth’s most otherworldly regions. This sublime, mystical terrain is home to delicate flora, snow-fed rivers and magnificent mountain peaks that form a natural barrier against the world’s impurities. This part of the world reverberates with unharnessed energy.

Here is where our products are made, in the lap of nature.

Ancient Ayurvedic Rituals Our Beauty Philosophy

Time Honoured
In India, rituals for beauty were always freshly made and time consuming as the Ayurvedic standard was always pure, fresh and natural. We use this “Slow” philosophy to produce our line of treatments by following the fundamental principle of pure, fresh, natural, and seasonal. Seasonal harvesting of rare and precious crops as well as plucking of nutritious herbs and fragrant flowers ensure that ingredients are derived at their optimal potency and in their purest form to impart vital nutrition, when used for skincare.

Time Refined
Forest Essentials products are inspired by ancient Ayurveda recipes and traditions but are modernized to feel luxurious and exquisite. While the packaging and bottling processes are modern, the preparation of the product still follows age-old, labour intensive techniques. Everything is made in the traditionally old fashioned way, according to Ayurvedic tenets, and wherever possible, by hand. Our best selling products, due to their rare ingredients and preparation processes, have changed from well-known traditional classics to contemporary objects of desire.

Crafted with care

Traditional, Artisanal Making Processes

The delicate hands of skilled craftsmanship is what, in our belief, makes Ayurveda a true luxury. Our products come from a place of love, artisanal skill and endearing passion, each made by hand wherever possible, blended in specific proportions prescribed by the Vedas, and with the most intricate attention to detail.


At the dawn hours of Brahma Muharat, when Oxygen is at its highest and air it’s most pure – freshly plucked, lifting and firming fruits and herbs are left to soak inside clay pots buried under the ground to ferment.


The first press of the ingredient, without external application of heat, this cold process allows the potent nutrients present in the extracted oil to remain intact. This resulting oil is most superior in quality and efficacy.


Intensely hydrating flowers are placed in a traditional still, through which steam is slowly passed. The essential oil of the flower is then carried by the steam in vapour form through a condenser, to revive its liquid form.

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