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Organically grown herbs, fruits and flowers are sustainably sourced from nature at the hour of the day when they are most potent, to ensure that their efficacy stays intact, as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Our signature Collections contain products which are infused with pure essential oils of fresh flowers, and capture their alluring, and sensuous notes, to make for a sensorial and luxurious experience.

Soundarya Collection

ExploreSoundarya Collection

Inspired by the legendary beauty of the lotus eyed Hindu deity, Goddess Lakshmi, the Forest Essentials Soundarya range is recognized as one of the most innovative collections in the Indian beauty industry. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi was an icon for beauty who believed to have pioneered the use of pure Gold for her skin care rituals. This iconic range is infused with the power of pure 24K Gold Bhasma which penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin to deeply hydrate, provide radiance and increased elasticity.

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Indian Rose Absolute

ExploreIndian Rose Absolute

This exquisite range of body and facial care products by Forest Essentials uses voluptuous, deeply scented Indian Roses grown in Kannauj, blended with organically grown, pure cold pressed oils and potent herbal extracts to protect the skin and restore its natural glow. These products leave the skin fresh, hydrated and lightly scented with evocative fragrances of the Indian Rose.

Madurai Jasmine & Mogra

ExploreMadurai Jasmine & Mogra

Native to Madurai in Southern India, Jasmine flowers have a delicate and opulent floral fragrance. Forest Essentials brings to you a body care selection which encapsulates the richness of these flowers in full bloom with sheer floral notes, along with their balancing and soothing properties.

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Pure Sandalwood in different forms is integral to many authentic skincare formulations stated in Ayurvedic tenets used in India for generations. Discover the Forest Essentials’ collection of products that are infused with extracts of sandalwood that tone, firm and hydrate the skin.

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Oudh & Green Tea

ExploreOudh & Green Tea

The blend of sparkling Green Tea infused with smoky Oudh wood lends an exquisite fragrance to this selection of body care products by Forest Essentials.

Kashmiri Nargis

ExploreKashmiri Nargis

Forest Essentials presents a selection of body care products with the beautifully soft yet seductive floral scent of the Nargis flower to deliver efficacious results.

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Bhringraj & Shikakai

ExploreBhringraj & Shikakai

This nourishing range is infused with Bhringraj, traditionally known as “Food for Hair” in Ayurveda, for its ability to encourage stronger hair and a conditioned scalp. Shikakai infusion and Licorice root extracts help to control dandruff while leaving the hair soft and shiny. This ancient formulation is made in exactly the same way today, with cold pressed oils, herbs and roots simmered for hours over open fires.

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Japapatti & Brahmi

ExploreJapapatti & Brahmi

This collection is enriched with a Hibiscus (Japapatti) flower infusion and Brahmi extracts that help to reduce split ends and encourage stronger, conditioned and healthier hair.

Amla, Honey & Mulethi

ExploreAmla, Honey & Mulethi

Suitable for all hair types, this nutrient rich range is prepared with Ayurvedic infusions of Amla, raw organic Honey, Bhringraj and organic Coconut Oil to leave your hair glossy, smooth and healthy. This range helps to enhance the natural shine of the hair while strengthening it.

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Gentlemen’s Collection

ExploreGentlemen’s Collection

The Gentlemen’s collection by Forest Essentials includes everything that a discerning man would need for a comfortable grooming experience. The fresh and purifying properties of Sweet Orange Peel and the aromatic fragrance of Sandalwood blend together to instantly refresh the skin.

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Gifting Collection

ExploreGifting Collection

Forest Essentials brings to you, a wide selection of beautifully designed gift boxes with diverse themes. We make for the ideal destination for occasional and festive gift items.

Travel Collection

ExploreTravel Collection

Forest Essentials brings to you the Travel Collection which encapsulates our products in perfectly portable sizes for easy to use, on-the-go application.

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