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Responsible Beauty

A touch of tradition and modernity

Forest Essentials has given careful thought to the entire product cycle, right from sourcing ingredients to packaging, in order to make a conscious effort in reducing its environmental impact. We have evaluated every aspect of our product life cycle to make something that consumers would love to use and also feel good about using. We want to create a community of consumers that want to look good while doing good, because it’s possible! We feel strongly about the importance of plant preservation. The ancient Indian science of life, Ayurveda, is based on ancient vedic texts that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health, and as a brand our philosophies are inspired by this science.

Sustainable Practices

Product and Supply Chain

Clean formulations

We do not use triclosan, microbeads or micro-plastics in our products. Our formulas are free of sulphates. Natural or plant-based ingredients are utilised wherever possible.

Herb gardens
Herb gardens

Forest Essentials has also begun a project to create gardens for herbs across India. We are trying to aggregate land holdings so that we can get a consistent supply of quality herbs, fruits and flowers to formulate effective products.

Small batches
Small batches

Our manufacturing processes have been developed with a view to maintain utmost freshness and superior quality of potent herbs, freshly plucked flowers and hand ground ingredients, while minimising waste.

Ethical Sourcing & Farming

Uncompromising BeautyEthical Sourcing & Farming

From our organically grown herbs, to the raw and unprocessed Cane Sugar, the steam distilled pure Essential Oils, everything is made in the traditionally old fashioned way, and wherever possible, by hand. Our ingredients are sourced from local, small-scale farmers, traditional artisans and rural co-operatives who use environmentally sound farming practices, while ensuring that the farmers are paid a fair and stable price. Forest Essentials has been sharing education on sustainable farming practices with the local people; ensuring the long-term availability of these beneficial plants and helping to protect a unique way of life.

Zero Carbon FootprintManufacturing Capabilities

Morphogenesis, a globally recognised architectural firm that specialises in projects built on sustainable practices was hired to design a net zero enabled building through an integrated design approach resulting in a free-running and off grid facility ensuring ‘Zero Carbon Footprint’. Inspired by the local materials and indigenous techniques used for centuries in the region, our Lodsi workshop echoes the design strategies that create a conducive microclimate within the building, with naturally day-lit open-plan spaces that allow flexibility in space function. Electricity is generated through solar panels that are mounted on the roofs in a flight format which also enables collection of rain water.

Zero Carbon Footprint
Conscious Efforts

Eco Packaging

Forest Essentials has reduced the use of plastic with a significant percentage. 90% of our portfolio is completely recyclable as we use PET and glass jars in our packaging. Our outer packaging has always been in biodegradable cartons made of FSC certified paper. We are using recyclable air-filled paper pouches or paper cushions for the products inside the cartons for orders placed online via our website instead of plastic. Our ‘stock deliveries’ across our pan India stores, have seen elimination of the shrink wrapping film. At the store level, we have moved to more sustainable choices by introducing ‘canvas cloth bags’ for the packaging which are recyclable and reusable.

#GoGreenWithFE and get Rewarded

Go Green with FERecyclable Beauty

We have partnered with Reliance in the PET manufacturing space to help collect and process more plastic packaging than we sell. Each store in India, across the country has a collection facility where customers can drop off their Forest Essentials empties. Our partners effectively re-purpose this recyclable PET plastic so that it can be processed into many secondary applications such as new fibers, carpet and clothing, industrial strapping, rope, upholstery fabrics, boat sails, automotive parts, fiberfill for winter jackets and sleeping bags, construction materials, and many other items.

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