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Iconic and best-selling

A Goddess’s ritual for skin that radiates like Gold…

Inspired by the legendary beauty of the lotus eyed, Indian Goddess Lakshmi- an icon of beauty who believed to have pioneered the use of pure Gold for her skin care rituals; Forest Essentials’ 24 Karat Gold infused Soundarya range is recognized as one of the most effective and iconic collections in the Indian beauty industry.

Lustrous and lifting
Lustrous and lifting

Luxurious and rich in texture, products of the Soundarya range are laden with high performance ingredients like 24K Gold (Colloidal Gold) that is known to possess age-delay properties, pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) that enhances the complexion and provides radiance, Liquorice that has skin clarifying properties, Saffron that reduces pigmentation and improves the complexion, along with many other potent herb and flower extracts that ultimately provide an ethereal glow from within.

The key of youth
The key of youth

What makes the Soundarya Range iconic is it’s rare and precious pure Gold Bhasma infusion prepared through a closely guarded formula and a recipe known in Ayurveda as the “Key of Youth”. ‘Bhasma’ is the Ayurvedic process of converting precious metals into a powdery ash form for them to be efficiently absorbed by the skin and the body to use, for visible results.

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How To UseHow To Optimally Use Our Hero Collection

For the body:
Step 1 – Weekly. Massage the Illuminating Shower Oil Soundarya onto the skin using gentle yet firm strokes. Keep on for 20-30 minutes. Follow with a warm bath.
Step 2 - Use the Soundarya Silk Soap or Shower Wash in the shower on damp skin, to gently cleanse.
Step 3 – Apply the Soundarya Body Milk daily, after cleansing the skin. For best results use on slightly damp skin just after bath or shower.

For the face:
Daytime – Use the Soundarya High Performance cream daily. After cleansing & toning, take a small amount and massage gently using upward strokes, on the face and neck.
At Night – Take a few drops of the Soundarya Serum and massage gently using upwards strokes on the face and neck.

What Our Customers Have To SayCustomers Reviews

I have finished 3 tubs of this Soundarya high performance cream and I am literally obsessed. People around me are able to notice the radiance in my skin when I use it. My skin is more even-toned and feels deeply moisturized. Highly recommend it! Just a little amount is sufficient. One tub will last for approx. 4 months at least.
- Minakshi, Bangalore, March <2021>

This Soundarya serum is a true elixir for the face... Worked quite well on hormonal acne even in two days. Amazing product with such a soothing fragrance.
- Khushboo, Himachal Pradesh, December 2020

It makes skin so soft and clear in fact FE all products are flawless. And I am using the entire range of FE for two years and stopped looking at any other brand!!!
- Prachi, New Delhi, November 2020

The Soundarya Body Milk smells amazing, the smell really holds on, unlike any other body lotion or milk. I love how much luster it provides to my entire body. Absolutely in love with Forest Essentials.
- Chahana, Caledon, April 2021

This product is absolutely amazing. It looks beautiful and smells even better. I can still smell it on my skin hours after I have applied it and will definitely be buying a crate of these for self-care and gifting. This product has quickly become my new favourite.
- Lakshita, Edinburgh, April 2020

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